Youth Resources:

Young people are welcome at Bakersfield LGBTQ. 99% of our activities are open to those under 18. Our Men OUTSpoken includes young men; our Women's Group welcomes young women. The Family OUTings group includes young LGBT people and their families. Unless noted as 21+, young people may attend our social, educational, and advocacy events.

If you want to start a club for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning youth and their straight allies at your high school, it is legal as long as you follow all school rules. YOU CAN!

Kern Schools that Have Gay-Straight Alliance Clubs

Bakersfield High School: Advisor: Ms. Price & Mr. Fraser

Bakersfield Home Educated: Advisor: Mrs. Niemann

Burroughs High School (Ridgecrest): Advisor: Mrs. Rosenberg & Ms. Poole

Centennial High School: Advisor: Ms. Raddatz, Mr. Roux and Mrs. McLeod

East Bakersfield High School: Advisors: Mr. Osborne, Mr. Brooks & Mrs. Lapp

Frontier High School: Advisors: Ms. Bennett & Ms. Rasley

           Golden Valley High School: Advisors: Mr. Lollar, Ms. Haumann                       & Mrs. McClure

Independence High School: Advisor: Ms. DeArmond & Mr. Fischer

Kern Valley High School: Advisor: Ms. Kelley

Liberty High School: Advisor: Mr. Ball

North High School: Advisors: Ms. Weisser & Ms. Valenti

Nueva High School: Advisor: Ms. Weddell

Ridgeview High School: Advisor: Ms. Huntington

South High School: Advisor: Ms. Gamez

Stockdale High School: Advisor: Mrs. Hooper

Tehachapi High School: Advisors: Ms. Crowe & Ms. Hynes

 Tierra Del Sol: Advisor: Ms. Elizabeth Munoz-Herrera

West High School: Advisors: Ms. Compton, Ms. Schilly, & Ms. Cramer

If you know of another school that has an active GSA, please drop us a note with the advisor's name to

Cal State University Bakersfield:
Gay Lesbian Straight Student Network
Advisor: Dr. Judith Pratt
Meets every Friday at 4:30pm in the Blue Room of the Student Union

Bakersfield College Gay Straight Association